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1Pet1Vet rescues dogs from death row and transforms them into highly skilled service companions for our at risk Veterans.  These exceptional canines are boarded, rehabilitated and expertly trained before being paired with one of our American Heroes to help them cope with transitional issues.



1Pet1Vet fights to limit the negative effects of war on our Veterans.  Did you know 24 service men and women commit suicide each day?  Or that 48 Veterans will become homeless in the next 24 hours?  How about that more than 20% of returning military suffer from PTSD?  Through outreach, we strive to limit these and other sobering statistics while raising awareness of the struggles our troops face in the aftermath of deployment.​
Together, each dog and Veteran has the opportunity to begin anew.  With your contribution, you are not only saving lives but helping our American Heroes live the American Dream they fought so hard to preserve!